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What Skincare Is The Best For Eczema?

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What Skincare Is The Best For Eczema?


Before we dive into the wonderful world of eczema and inflammation, let me preface this article with...EVERYTHING YOUR DERMATOLOGIST HAS TOLD YOU IS A LIE! 

This is what I have been telling myself and others for years. So maybe not a lie, but maybe just misinformed information on the link between the body and inflammation. 

Let me start from the beginning...

I am an eczema survivor. Now many may think, eczema survivor? Girl, calm down!

That I WILL NOT do!

There is no calming down for the years of red, painful, burning itching skin and doses of pink creamy liquid, as a three-year-old child, running down my throat to the amounts of greasy ointment slathered on my hands to seal the open cuts. And the embarrassment of being an adult and having a ring around my mouth from many, if not all heavily marketed skin care products claiming to moisturize the skin's barrier.

Not one single dermatologist told my parents to change my diet to anti-inflammatory-rich foods and prescribed natural products that you can literally grab out of the kitchen cabinet.

It was I who began my research into the link between eczema and natural ingredients because of a need to just feel good about myself for once.

Dry skin is embarrassing, cracked, and open cuts all over your hands are unbearable and the itch that is accompanied by it, is far too much for any adult if not a child to bare!





There is a beautiful pot of gold on the other side of this dry-ass rainbow. HA!

Skincare products can heal and tame eczema. If you are using THE RIGHT products. In my many years of trialing skincare products, I must say that hydrous products, from my experience, are not compatible with eczema-prone skin.

First off

Facial Eczema is also accompanied by contact dermatitis, which means we must be very selective in what goes onto our skin. 

We do that by focusing on anhydrous products, products made from oils that will break into the layers of your skin barrier, and all the antioxidants, omega 3's, and nutrients replenish your skin. 

Products that are clean from additives, preservatives and I have to say it, essential oils (they are very harsh on sensitive skin.) 

This was the case for me. face said ABSOLUTELY NOT. face said YES PLEASE! 


Clean products like oils are amazing for inflammation! This goes for the food you eat to the skincare products you are using. 

I am a huge lover of OILS!

Whether that is cooking with avocado oil, topping my salads with a healthy dose of EVOO to cleansing my face with cold-pressed, organic oils. Eczema needs to be hydrated and OILED! I can not stress this enough. 

One of my recommendations and how I healed my facial eczema is  Nevéll Skin Hydrating Coffee Drops which is formulated for eczema-prone skin. 

Literally within one week of use, my struggle with facial eczema dissipated, and that tiny jar of vaseline that never worked got tossed in the trash. My beloved princess compact mirror became unnecessary, and I gained back my confidence.  

Please if you any questions do not be afraid to reach out to me 


 Jen Jones || nevéll skin 



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